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What will it cost?
The first consultation is free. After that, we will enter into a written costs agreement with you that sets out how all the costs will be handled. Almost all of our matters are handled on the basis that you won't pay our fees unless you are successful.

Do you see clients out of normal office hours?
Yes. We can arrange an appointment out of normal business hours.

How much will I get for my claim?
This depends upon the extent of your injury and the law that covers your particular situation. It will be difficult to advise you until we have done enough investigation of your claim. We can however share with you our expertise and experience of the kind of result you might expect.

How do I pay my medical bills?
In some situations the insurance company will pay your medical bills once a claim has been lodged. It is important to keep all accounts and receipts, even chemist bills, relevant to your claim. We will assist you in submitting your expenses and advise you of the law relevant to your particular circumstances.

What should I bring with me to the first consultation?
You should bring all documents relevant to your claim which might include doctors reports, medical certificates, police statements, hospital discharge summaries, treatment accounts and receipts.

When must I lodge my claim?
There are different rules for all types of claims but it is very important to know that there are time limits in which you must bring a claim and so we recommend you act promptly to make an appointment to discuss your claim with us.

There are penalties for bringing a false claim and your success depends upon your telling the truth.
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